Gourmet Pizza Rezepte

Gourmet Pizza Recipes

Three Gourmet Pizza Recipes

What makes this pizza to gourmet pizza? All ingredients should come into its effect.

Whether it’s the pizza with fresh tomatoes, basil and burrata – the caramelized pears with ham – or the pizza with braised fennel, gorgonzola and walnuts – in these gourmet pizza recipes I show: Handling the ingredients as per your requirements or way of preparation, gives you a different taste.

Good harmony, and at the same time the suitable contrast of the ingredients ensure a delicious experience.

In addition, the pizzas are smaller than usual: they go well with the starters and desserts, or are combined with a different Pizza.

Gourmet Pizza Recipes – The Pizza Dough


450g (15, 8 0z) flour

300 ml of water

1 teaspoon salt

½ cube yeast / 7g (0, 24 Oz) dry yeast


Dough hook works well with a food processor, but can be done with hand also.

Prepare about one-third of the dough with the ingredients at least 24 hours in advance: Add to it 100 ml of water with 150 g (5, 2 oz.) of flour, some salt and one third of the yeast mix and knead for four minutes. The dough has the right consistency, if it does not shine and sticks excessively, but does not appear crumbly. It should clean the mixing bowl itself. If necessary, add water or flour. Cover and leave it overnight.

Prepare the rest of the dough 3 hours before baking the pizza: So knead 300g (10, 5 0z) flour with 200 ml water for four minutes; let it rest for 15 minutes; then add the rest of the salt and yeast to it, knead for 5 minutes and let it rest for 15 minutes; add the previous day’s dough to it and knead for 4 minutes; if necessary add flour or water so that the consistency is right. The dough should not stick to your fingers excessively (some flour on the fingers and on the working surface is always helpful); it should not be crumbly, but elastic; it may not as well retract.

Form six balls each approximately 130g (4, 5 oz.). By letting the yeast rest, air pockets come up, which we want to preserve. Therefore, the dough would later take up less mechanism when we set out the flat bread pizza. Therefore: now take the dough to form homogenous and uniform round balls.

Place these on a floured counter, with enough space for each other. The dough will yet double in size. Cover with (most used) Kitchen foil (otherwise the dough sticks); it can be left for 2 hours in a warm place.

Well, as I said press the dough as little as possible: Using a rolling pin is out of the question! Flour a baking sheet with little flour, place dough bread and form a circle. Leave a bulge at the edge, otherwise as far as possible remove the dough without tearing open the inside of it.

Then add the Tomato sauce (passata) and the remaining ingredients over it and put it immediately in the preheated oven-the dough should not be soaked by the Passata.

Gourmet Pizza Recipes – Tomato Sauce (Passata)


For 6 Pizzas:

1 can of San Marzano tomatoes (of course, you can use other, but San Marzano is just the best)

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon oregano


It’s very easy. Mix all the ingredients; chop the tomatoes with a fork.

Pizza Margherita with Fresh Tomatoes, Basil and Burrata

Ingredients per pizza:

Dough and tomato sauce

80g (2, 8 oz.) Burrata

70g (2, 4 oz.) best quality tomatoes

basil leaves

Smoked salt


Pizza bread on floured baking paper, best would be to take it out on the baking sheet, leaving a 1-2 cm thick bead on the edge. Spread the passata all over the pizza covering the edges; the places over the tomato sauce remain juicy, the places which are free will be crispy.

Add tomato slices and pour little oil over it. Keep it at the maximum in the preheated oven. Who has such a function: We have conceded good results in 15 minutes with Inter wall steam at 230°. It also goes well without steam, if the baking time is extended accordingly. Keep an eye on the pizza, the edges should be brown, may be to some extent become black, because the dough is crispy.

Meanwhile chop the basil. Once the pizza is completely baked, spread the Burrata all over the pizza, and pour the mozzarella and cream mixture over it. Add the basil leaves and smoked salt to it.

Due to the heat of the pizza, the burrata might melt, but at the same time it will preserve its full flavor, because we have not baked it together.

Pizza with Parma Ham and Caramelized Pears

Ingredients per pizza:

Dough and passata

50g (1, 7 oz.) of top quality Parma ham

¼ – ½ pear

1 tablespoon honey

2cl rum, at least 54%


Making pizza the same way like the Margherita , but without the tomato slices, only with olive oil and passata.

Meanwhile when the pizza bakes, caramelize honey in a pan and remove the peel, core and stem from the pear. Then cut into slices, and caramelize in honey and cook for a few minutes and turn it.

Pour the rum flambé. Be cautious here!

When the pizza is ready, garnish it with the Parma ham and pears and serve immediately.

Gourmet Pizza Recipes – Pizza with Gorgonzola, Walnuts and Braised Fennel

Ingredients per pizza:

Dough and passata

80g (2, 8 oz.) gorgonzola

Depending on their size: ½ to ¼ fennel

5g (0, 1 oz.) (½-1) Walnut

1 clove of garlic

Juice of ½ lemons



Crush the walnuts and roast them in a dry pan, until they start to smell. Clean and slice the fennel into about ½ inch thick slices. Roast and braise them in hot olive oil for a few minutes and keep turning it. Fry in hot oil and fry for a few minutes and, keep turning it. The fennel should be tender but still have bite.

Add small minced fennel leaves and garlic, salt to it and let the fennel cool down. Season it with lemon juice.

Prepare pizza the same way like the Margherita, but without the tomato slices, only with passata. Add large flakes of gorgonzola cheese, olive oil, and then put it in the oven.

When finished, like the other gourmet pizza recipes: garnish the pizza with the fennel and walnuts, done!

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