The Gourmet Gift Basket

The Gourmet Gift Basket. Ideas about the content, design and presentation, and the best way for the gift basket to reach the receiver.

The Gourmet Gift Basket – Presents for Food Lovers

A gourmet gift basket as a token of appreciation for family and friends, to celebrate the Anniversary of business partners and employees, as a special thank you to someone who was of great help, or even as a little souvenir from a trip – a gift basket can take many forms both inwardly and outwardly.

Naturally it depends on what I want to gift, the shape, size, quality of the basket (it does not necessarily have to be the traditional wicker basket, it can be in all other forms and materials), and at best it also reflects on the special occasion, what will be in the gift basket, and how I present it.

However the most important – the contents of the gift basket.

Gourmet Gift Baskets and Foodstuff

The classic gift baskets are of course the wicker baskets, filled with varied specialties such as special wines, coffee, chocolates, pastries etc. Here one gives away things gladly, that one already knows and appreciates and wants to let the recipient have it, or something  exclusive like caviar, expensive liquor, Matcha tea, expensive bacon, things which are not necessarily on the daily menu, and that is why it could be a nice surprise.

Gourmet Gift Basket

In the selection, size and of course price, one can vary inmany respects here,one now buys the basket as package, or better when one puts it together himself.

What such a basket can hold, of course remains the personal fantasy of the giver and left to the liking of the recipient, and last but not the least not a matter of the purse.


One must of course take care of a few things, for example the durability or the accident-free transport of the gourmet gift basket and its contents.

Gift-Ideas: Non-Food and Vouchers

A special addition to a selection of particular food can be something, that either enriches a good food lover’s household or opens another dimension of the unusual luxury, such as a kitchen accessory that helps one to decant the wine stylishly, or even a musical voucher for an overnight stay in a gourmet-hotel, a cookery-course, a wine-seminar or a common trip.

Vouchers are very grateful on one hand, because one can pack everything possible into one, and on the other hand can be enjoyed with caution – the art herein is to meet the liking of the recipient and along with it not to leave everything to the addressee (“find something for yourself somewhere for xx €”).

When you put yourself in the recipient’s place, you will make the effort and the person will notice that you thought about him/her while you were putting together the gift packet.

And also a greeting card finds place and appeal in the gourmet gift basket, when it is arranged with a few personal words for the jubilant.

Material, Occasion, Topics

As mentioned in the beginning, a gourmet gift basket need not necessarily be a wicker basket in the classic sense, whereas the original form brings along a row of qualities than cannot be neglected.
They are

  • light
  • solid
  • to be had in many sizes and capacities
  • good to be transported
  • the contents function as a bundle and at the same time they can be seen clearly

Besides that there are other possibilities to bundle, pack and present fine food and other gifts such as

  • on a beautiful wooden board
  • in a wooden or glass bowl
  • in a casket
  • in a wire rack for example for wine bottles

Often the packaging material depends on the object that needs to be packed. A glass bowl would be inappropriate, if I gift a few bottles of wine.

Whatever I pack the gift in, can depend on something quite different as well, namely the occasion of gifting.

Am I gifting  to honor the 50 year membership in the skydiving club?

Obviously and nevertheless a gift basket can be original in the form of a packed parachute or in the form of one falling from the  sky (I think the professionals already know in that case how they must test those things that should not be broken).

But regardless of the occasion of the present, the material and appearance of the gift basket can depend on a special Theme, under which I place it: Do I gift Chinese delicacies because the recipient enthused about his stay in China, and also about the food that is unusual for outsiders? The basket should relate to the theme through its material and appearance.

Should I gift a fine selection of chocolates? A wooden casket in which the bars should be kept safe like gold bars, could certainly be a suitable packaging.


The most beautiful moment for all parties involved is when the gift comes to the one it is addressed to. There, it is only appropriate to celebrate the handing over fittingly and not work it off merely like a matter of routine.

A gourmet gift basket, that cost money and at best the hard efforts, changes the owner – what is more closer there, than to celebrate extensively what one wants to appreciate with the present. Specially, this moment of gifting can come right, when the basket is not only the means to the purpose, but the object of the special respect of both parties – like 25 years of a loyal Business partnership.

Speak of what you appreciate in the other person – and speak about that point, why you judge these contents as adequate to express this. (I have come to know that you are a fan of lenses….these here are quite special…). Explain the history of the products, for example about their origin (ask the trader for it, if necessary) or what they associate with it otherwise.

Show the receiver that you have thought about him and the jubilee – that is one of the biggest presents.


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