The Best Chili Recipe – Chili con Carne with Mulled Wine

This is the best chili recipe I know for the winter time, but of course, generally for parties and events where you want to make a lot of hungry guests, happy with little effort – chili con carne with mulled wine – a classic, which still has a certain twist to it

Best Chili Recipe

Spice and meat content can vary as desired (the gourmet standards here, of course, has no upper limits set for it- for e.g. different types of meat roasted, or cooked , and chopped etc.)
– I have taken the simple minced meat, kidney beans from a can – simply because that is sufficient enough for a simple party recipe.

And canned tomatoes are often better than fresh ones anyway (except perhaps for peak tomato season).

The trick that makes it the best chili recipe I know – is no big one – except perhaps the winter seasoning and the quantity of red wine, which mustn’t cook. This recipe is not for kids.


500g (17, 6 oz.) Minced meat

2-3 tablespoons clarified butter

1 Bay leaf

1 Star anise

Salt, pepper, sugar

4 tablespoons Tomato Paste

4 Canned beans

4 canned tomatoes

1 small can of corn

1 / 2 bottle red wine (a better one)


In a large pot roast the minced meat vigorously in hot lard. If you want to make a larger quantity, fry the minced meat one by one in large portions if necessary. Don’t stir it too often, let it stick a little (!) to the pot, or else the meat would only cook. After a while, add tomato paste to it and fry it as well.

Once the meat is well roasted, add crumbled chilies to it according to taste. Add to it the washed the beans and corn, equally as the tomatoes. Pour a big glass of red wine, with a strong taste and season it with salt. Add a bay leaf, sugar and star anise to it.

Bring to a boil and keep stirring. Cover it with a lid. Reduce the flame and let it simmer for two hours. Stir occasionally and keep scraping the bottom freely, so that the mulled wine and chili con carne do not exaggerate.

At the end of cooking regulate the spice with cayenne pepper, and season with pepper (the pepper for taste, not for spice). Add about half a bottle of red wine, but do not allow it to boil! The quantity of wine added should give a harsh taste, a distinctive wine-taste, but also does not cover every other taste. Remove the bay leaf and star anise, and serve- or arrange a lot of dishes, and help yourself.

Bon Appetite!

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