Easy Recipes

Easy recipes with how-to videos. Nutritious and tasty but still fast and easy to prepare.

Sometimes food has to be fast. Here’s a collection of quick and easy recipes so you don’t have to make any sacrifices on quality

Pasta with a quick sauce; healthy and delicious sandwiches; meals that can be prepared in bulk and still form part of a nutritious diet.

While we really ought to take time to savour our food, that doesn’t mean we have to make sacrifices in terms of taste or quality when we don’t have much time on our hands.

Easy recipes

To avoid having to resort to ready-meals or fast-food in these times of busy schedules, I got into the habit of cooking larger quantities of some meals – like stews, risotto or pasta sauces.

Frozen in ready-to-use portions, these can keep for several months and are ready fast when you need them.

The big advantage – I only have to invest my time and energy once, but I get several meals out of it.

Another good way to save time is to shop economically.

Freshness is important for most ingredients, but some products, such as rice, beans or preserves, can be stored. Many types of vegetables are none the worse for being blanched and deep-frozen; these are quick to hand when you need them.

Buy ahead and prepare your own frozen meals.

With regards to the quality, price and taste this will always be a better option than ready-meals.

Freshly prepared meals can’t be beaten in terms of flavor. But that doesn’t mean that the food you prepare has to be complicated.

After all, good feed doesn’t need complicated recipes.

The best example is Italian cookery, which makes do with just a few basic ingredients and seasonings and is nevertheless regarded as one of the best cuisines in the world. At the same time, it is incredibly versatile.

Some cooking tips and a smorgasbord of easy recipes and dishes that are simple and/or easy to prepare:

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