Drip oil

Drip oil is the first pressing olive oil – or rather, non-pressing:

Because it arises from the fact that the olives are, as usual in oil production, crushed, applied to mats and layered on top of each other – the first oil that “drips out” without additional pressure, only by the weight of the olives, is the drip oil.

Like all high-quality cold-pressed oils, it is of course a shame to cook – it is excellently suited simply with salt and white bread, pinzimonio (young, raw vegetables for dipping), on soups, salads or to round off pasta dishes or Mediterranean starters. And of course everywhere else where you want to buy the more exclusive oil (approx. 50 kg of olives for one liter of oil – with conventional cold pressing you get ten times the amount).

Drip Oil – Top

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