The Gourmet Food Directory – A list of special food

In this food directory you will find my personal selection of food, which are not common, but based on their taste and history deserve a special mention

Food directory

From time to time I post uncommon food here and examine them carefully. You have heard of a product / read / tried it, and want to know more about it?

Or do you want to try something new and surprise your family and friends? Maybe you will find exactly the right thing for it here.

To begin with, I dedicate myself to the background of the products. How did I come upon it and why did I put it in the list? Where is the food grown or produced? How is it produced, how is it processed? Since when is it available in the market?

In this food directory you will learn about the cultural environment of production and the (original) consumers. And you will get to know from what the product is made, what nutrients it contains etc. Very important to anyone who pays attention to healthy eating: Expecially when you have to avoid certain food groups or other targeted food, you should know what is in the product. An overview helps here.

And of course this is not just about bare facts. While tasting, I examine the food as to their sensorial capabilities. How do they taste, what consistency do they have, what do they go well with. With the aid of possible practical applications and this example I will try to show you how the food can show its worth at best. With what can it be well combined? At the end there is (atleast) one recipe, on the basis of which you can test how it tastes.

Along with it  you will find with every seperate test an overview about selected sources of supply.

Its a great pleasure and hopefully an enrichment of your culinary vocabulary!


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