Gourmet Recipes and Haute Cuisine To Melt Your Heart

Gourmet Recipes and Haute Cuisine. For special occasions or simply for when you feel like trying out something new. With how-to videos.

Gourmet Recipes that don’t necessarily have to be particularly elaborate, and yet still possess
that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’

There are occasions when one takes the time to prepare a meal, for example when expecting guests, to surprise loved ones or to celebrate a special event.

Some of these recipes are less elaborate while others demand a little more time and effort; but, the culinary result should make preparing a gourmet recipe worthwhile.


No matter whether classic recipes like Coq au vin or daring to take a journey to a far-away cuisine, such as with Tempura, here you will find a choice of recipes for special occasions that you can of course also try out whenever you’re in the mood.

Some recipes offer home-style cooking, while others are rather experimental. What they all have in common, though, is that certain ‘something’ that makes them extraordinary.

Discover your favorite e.g.

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