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The Gourmet Food Channel. Light cuisine with lots of flavor. All about Gourmet food and light diet. With videos and tips, recipes, backgrounds.

What’s YOUR Secret to healthy AND tasteful Gourmet Food?

First and foremost, use the best ingredients.

At the Gourmet Food Channel I’ll show you which details I pay special attention to.

Fresh food and the methods with which they are produced are the most important criteria when selecting what to buy.

Use whole foods – they’re not only healthier, they also taste better.


The second most important factor is the right combination of ingredients.

Easy Dessert Recipes


Sometimes a winning combination isn’t obvious at first sight – take, for instance, chicken and chocolate – but

The right combination is the meeting of two things that complement each other perfectly.

And it’s also the answer to the question: which wine goes with which food?

I’ll tell the stories behind the ingredients and what I do to bring the best out in them.

I’ll show you how I maintain my high standards, even in a rush. The highest standards in terms of culinary enjoyment and healthy nutrition.



The third most important factor is the preparation of ingredients in a fitting manner, with a gentle hand.


How long should I cook, what should I fry, when should I steam? At the Gourmet Food Channel I’ll share my experiences in the kitchen.


The Gourmet Food Channel goes on a trip to vineyards that are worth discovering.


What’s the story behind various grape and wine types?

How to store wine? Which wines best enhance certain meals? What are the hallmarks of a successful pairing of food and wine? The differences between wines can be very nuanced – the right wine should be a supportive or even opinionated partner to the meal, a partner that harmonizes with the food precisely because it has its own individual character and strengths. At the same time, it understands the rhythm of the meal and becomes an element of the symphony.



You can follow every step in the videos.


They’re intentionally kept short and focus on the essentials. To give you access to the recipes offline – because a kitchen can get hotter than a laptop can handle – you’ll also find printable recipe cards. You can adjust the number of servings to meet your needs, whether cooking a romantic dinner for two or for a party of a hundred.


Have you always wanted to know what capsaicin is?


About the health benefits of the pleasant tingling it produces?


And how this ingredient is found in every kitchen?



Perhaps you don’t cook yourself, but are often invited to dinner parties.


Are you looking for a selection of wine related gifts or a gourmet gift basket? Have you thought about giving someone cooking lessons as a gift? That’s something you could also treat yourself to …





… and on Sundays there are day trips, stories and curiosities around the topic of people and food.


How did the ancient Romans eat? Why does red wine have the effect that it does? I’ll introduce you to my favorite locations from time to time. How to eat out, keep your budget in check and still discover the best locales can become an addictive hobby!


Come and join in! The Gourmet Food Channel’s kitchen is open and the pots are already on the stove …