Dessert recipes for a long-lasting memory of a lovely meal!

Dessert recipes and basic techniques, classics and unusual recipes. With how-to videos.



The dessert recipes on this page describe the basic techniques that you can use to create a sweet to match your menu

A successful dessert can put the crowning touch to a good meal so you can’t take it seriously enough;

as the final course of your menu it is, after all, the thing that will linger in the memory of your guests.

The range of possibilities in the finale of a gourmet dinner is inexhaustible:

Cold or lukewarm, a semi-freddo or an apple strudel, from the crème brûlée to the torta russa, chocolate, fruit (according to the classical dessert schools, as a dessert salad or in every imaginable combined form), spices … there is probably no sense that cannot be appealed to in the serving of the dessert.

The richness of sensation of the gourmet desserts, the ingenious combination of tastes, consistencies and visual effects is the clincher here in this dessert reception.

Dessert Recipes

The little nutritional sins that are often hidden in desserts (a lot of sugar, cream, eggs …) can be easily set aside by eating small portions – in the end, the taste is the most important thing here, not just feeling full.

Of course, many desserts, like pancakes, can also turn into a full meal.

After a long walk in the mountains or a skiing trip, that is sometimes just what you need.

You will find that the techniques described here are applied in a practical way, in recipes for cakes, for example, for ice cream, and for desserts of all sorts – from ambrosia fruit salad to tiramisu, made with mascarpone, coffee and sponge fingers.



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