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Cooking light, Part 3

Small portions on the plates of gourmet cuisine are rapidly becoming a running joke: On the miserliness of the kitchen, it seems a little high price to sell. Here, the…


Cooking Light, Part 2

Cooking Light and Protein The German Nutrition Society recommends a protein intake of 0.8 (0, 02 oz.) grams per kilogram of body weight (kg KG) – in children, adolescents and…


How to Cook Asparagus

Spring Time – Asparagus Season. How to Cook Asparagus in Several Ways Well known is white and green asparagus. The white asparagus grows underground and is being excavated and cut…


Cooking Light, Part 1

However, this is only half the truth. Since there are some myths that exist about our diet and sometimes are difficult to resolve, it is possible that we may avoid…


How To Bake A Potato

How to bake a potato? Baked potatoes are a wonderful side dish. The tender potatoes in crispy shell remind us of bonfire celebrations, or – as with some rosemary seasoned…


Hummus Recipe

The hummus recipe makes a tasty dip for pitta bread, but it’s also a great side-dish for cooked meals such as lamb There are probably as many different methods of…


Hamburger Meat Recipes

Various hamburger meat recipes: You can prepare your hamburger meat the classic way, using only ground beef and salt, or vary the patty according to your personal tastes. Three recommendations…


Chicken Marsala Recipe

The chicken Marsala recipe provides tastes full of heat and freshness reminiscent of the region that is home to the Sicilian port renowned for its sweet wine. You can cook…


Creamy Potato Soup Recipe

This creamy potato soup recipe is based on my grandmother’s classic recipe She made the recipe work without processing the vegetables and leaving out the sour cream, using roux instead….


Salad Recipes

Revamped versions of the classics. Tried-and-tested combinations and surprisingly tasty experiments